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Welcome to EFT for First Aid

This program is designed to relieve the stress of people who are suffering from any of the most common injuries, ailments, or health emergencies.

These include:

– Abrasions/Scrapes
– Bites
– Bruises
– Burns
– Choking
– Cuts
– Nosebleeds
– Nausea
– Poisoning
– Sprains
– Stings

EFT Tapping for First Aid

EFT can be very useful right after an injury or the onset of an ailment, as well as later in the healing process. Research shows that EFT can reduce physical pain, as well as the emotions that often arise after an injury or ailment, such as fear, guilt, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. EFT can also help address the core beliefs and self-esteem issues that cause stress, making us feel worse after an injury or other health incident. We’ve kept everything in this program short and sweet, so you can quickly find what you need, and apply EFT to emergency situations fast.

Make sure you get proper and immediate medical attention, and use EFT to support your healing journey. EFT is not intended as a substitute for psychological or medical care. It is most useful as a self-help method that supports the treatment provided by your primary care provider. Make sure you read our full disclaimer here. When you see your primary care provider, we recommend you let that person know that you’re using EFT, so that they can be fully informed about all the tools you’re using to help you recover.

Quick Start Guide

EFT Tapping for First Aid on childrenHere’s how you use this EFT for First Aid program.

First, familiarize yourself with the first two video/audio programs:


Each program is only five minutes long, so your investment in getting ready for a first-aid emergency is minimal. The first program, Introduction to EFT for First Aid, will give you a sense of how and when to use EFT tapping, and will also give you examples of how people have used EFT to cope with injuries and emergencies.

The second program, How to Do EFT’s Basic Recipe, will teach you the simplest and most fundamental form of the techniques, called the Basic Recipe. You need to be thoroughly familiar with the Basic Recipe before starting a tapping session, so please watch these two brief videos now. While we also provide you with audio versions of these programs, as well as transcripts, there’s no substitute for watching EFT done live, and tapping along yourself.

Written instructions for the Basic Recipe can be found in Chapter 2 of The EFT Mini-Manual, which you can download here, and you’ll find a quick reference guide called “EFT on a Page” on page 55. We recommend you print out “EFT on a Page” right now by clicking here.

When you find yourself with an actual emergency on your hands, that’s when you use the third program, Tap Along for First Aid , which is 20 minutes long. This program will walk you through tapping for common problems like those on the list above. It will also address common fears, such as the fear of pain getting worse, the guilt you might feel about having a problem, and fears for the future.

We also provide you with written Tapping Scripts to address the most common problems. Once you’re familiar with EFT’s Basic Recipe, you can click on these scripts and use them any time you’re facing this particular type of situation. You can find all the Tapping Scripts here.

You can inspire yourself with stories by people just like you who’ve written to us about their successes. You’ll find these on our Case Histories page. If you’d like information about the many clinical trials that have shown EFT’s usefulness for problems like pain and anxiety, you’ll find them summarized on our Research Page. EFT Tapping for First Aid for cuts and contusionsThe final audio/video program, Next Steps in Your Healing Journey, is about the future steps you might take to maximize the benefits of EFT. This is where we encourage you to use EFT to clear away old emotional distress using a free process called the Personal Peace Procedure, which you’ll find in The EFT Mini-Manual. We also share with you when and how to find a certified EFT practitioner, how to use the search engine at EFT Universe to navigate the website’s thousands of pages of free resources, and how to find a live EFT training in your geographic area.

We support your ability to live a long and healthy life, and the resilience to respond well to any health challenges you might face. Thanks for taking a decisive step toward wellness by learning EFT for First Aid. Dawson Church

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